HB-KI is a private company, specialised in training artificial insemination techniques and pregnancy control of cattle. Also private semen collecting on location from bulls, bucks and rams are activities of HB-KI.

Training AI 

The whole year we can organize training AI or pregnancy control on location or in English speaking groups on dutch (dairy) farms. Autumn, winter and early spring are ideal to follow a course for the most farmers. The training AI and pregnancy control are built up very practice. Greatest part of the training happend behind the cows, additionally part is the theory and is focused on practical situations. Besides AI-technique, a clear view is given on fertility, semen quality and uterine recovery. Through digital pictures and video clips all facets of these subjects will be displayed very detailed on screen and are discussed thoroughly.

AI is a sensitive job which must be done with care, as is defrosting and handling a straw. In the end, the purpose of an insemination is a pregnancy.

After the theoretical part plenty of time is taken to practice on special frames on which uterine corpses from the slaughterhouse are exposed. In the same situation and attitude we learn best the basics of comfortable and capable AI. Practice on uterine corpses is crucial for good basic knowledge and feeling.
Through years of experience and devotion, HB-KI built a practical view on good training. Not only on a technical but also on a mental basis.
To learn AI is at first not easy, but at the point of breakthrough, almost everyone gets the job done. Enthusiastic guiding and stimulation can be desicive at this point.